Digital Therapeutic for Stroke Rehabilitation

Virtual Reality, Digital Health, Body Tracking, Stroke Rehabilitation

Risk assessment, Medical device development guidance

Asuuta Limited, a University of York spin-out company, is developing a virtual reality (VR) based digital therapeutic for patients recovering from neurological impairment, such as a stroke.

StroMoHab combines advanced visualisation therapy with body tracking technology, to create the digital therapeutic. This can potentially transform clinical care and assessment in gait impairing conditions. The device is already in clinical evaluation at major medical centres in the UK and US.

StroMoHab measures the user’s full-body movements without the need for cumbersome and complicated markers to be placed on the body. It also produces vital diagnostics – such as step length, step frequency, swing-stance parameters and body symmetry – that previously required the use of very expensive and support-heavy systems.

Cambridge Medtech Solutions have provided medical device development guidance and insights to the Asuuta team, and also facilitated the risk management activities in accordance with ISO 14971.

StroMoHab will give us a much fuller and more precise understanding of the patients condition, and their response to treatment. We have benefited from CMS’s experience in the development of medical devices, and their insights during the development of our digital therapeutic system. All greatly appreciated.

Dr Adar Pelah, CEO and Co-Founder