Innovative Packaging

Robust and Reliable High Speed Production Machines

Project Management, Specification, Risk Management, Quality Control Management

Frugalpac creates eco-friendly packaging that is kind to the environment, truly sustainable and genuinely recyclable.

Frugalpac is developing a range of packaging solutions that is just as strong and versatile as existing containers but can also be easily recycled in standard mills. Frugalpac has developed a new technology that produces packaging for liquids that is environmentally friendlier than current formats such as glass, laminated cartons and plastic bottles.

Cambridge Medtech Solutions have supported Frugalpac by providing project management for the specification, design, development, installation and commissioning of efficient high speed production machines. We have also been advising on product risk management and quality control management.

“We started with an idea which has attracted the interest of companies that desire environmentally responsible products, and it is essential that we have high speed production machines ready for international deployment.” said Martin Myerscough, Chief Executive of UK-based Frugalpac.

Stuart Kay, Director of Cambridge Medtech Solutions, states, “In a market where innovation is essential, the success of the Frugalpac packaging solutions is based on simple good design which facilitates recycling in the real world. Cambridge Medtech Solutions is delighted to be part of this process, and to have contributed to the Frugalpac story.