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Transformative innovations in bioscience will increasingly come from systemic approaches. Technologies built on ‘omics (for example, genomics, proteomics or metabolomics) and data-rich biology could play a crucial role in unlocking challenges in the development, production and regulation of increasingly sophisticated bio-based products and services.

Data is the lifeblood for most organisations, so it needs to be analysed and presented quickly and clearly so that the right decisions can be made sooner.

Failure to do so will often lead to poor or delayed decisions.

Cambridge Medtech Solutions developed a custom data visualisation tool suitable for tracking the progress of multiple cohorts, in long-term studies.

The key to success was to disseminate and highlight the underlying trends, and link it back to the overall organisation strategy. In this way, everyone could immediately see the relevance and value, which aided understanding and engagement.

We achieved by presenting the comparative data at several levels of detail, from a broad overview to the fine detail, and all linked back to the key strategy.

Data Visualisation